Intel’s New Android Tablet Reference Design

Upping the Ante on Android

Any device shipped via the Intel Reference Design for Android program will get guaranteed updates within 2 weeks of an AOSP update. We are committed to providing that for 2 years post-device launch. This allows end-users to experience the latest version of Android and remain current with important OS updates. To be sure, it’s a big investment, but big investments in software aren’t new to Intel.

Our friends at Google appreciate it too. “It’s exciting to see Intel bring their years of expertise in reference designs to Android in order provide high-quality Android tablets and speed up time-to-market for manufacturers,” said Hiroshi Lockheimer, VP of Engineering for Android, Google. “The result of this program will be devices powered by Intel’s technologies, together with an operating system that is up-to-date and includes popular apps from Google such as Chrome, Maps and YouTube, offering a great overall user experience.”

It sounds good, but what screen shapes and sizes? I’ve asked in a Comment there if tablet makers will be forced into homogenization with 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratio screens.

It must also be noted this has little to do with when tablet owners will get updates. As readers here know, firms — Teclast and Onda, to name just two — tend to slather their own UI over Android as well as proprietary improvements (like Teclast’s split-screening). And just because Intel will provide two years of updates doesn’t mean the tablet makers will honor that.

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  1. How about them updating their chip to ARM from x86 within 2 weeks so that it can have full compatibility with the 2 million ARM optimized Android apps? I guess they don’t care about that.

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