iPhone 6 Plus: No 32GB Version

These are the options and prices for an unlocked iPhone 6 Plus:


And it doesn’t matter if you choose a subsidized version from a carrier.

There’s just no 32GB version at all. Yet the base model is 16GBs.

This is clearly naked evil. Apple wants unlocked buyers to spring for US$849. Had they made the base model 32GBs, it would have upset their greedy spreadsheet by giving people enough storage not to go further.

Same-day update: It’s the same with the iPhone 6. The iPhone 5s is 16 or 32GBs. The iPhone 5c is now 8GBs only. 8GBs is appalling. Got greed, Apple?


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3 responses to “iPhone 6 Plus: No 32GB Version

  1. Love your blog. You don’t mince words and you also let folks know about things that could end up costing them money for no reason. As far as Apple goes, I have an iPad. Gave it to my wife. I guess I’m one of the rare folks that love Windows on tablets. Love my Dell Venue Pro 8.

  2. Martín

    We must remember one thing Steve Jobs did when he came back to Apple was make Apple gadgets afordable for common people
    Who remember the iPod nano for 50 box … Now they probably charge you 50 for going insiste the Apple store

  3. Eric

    Actually in Australia and some parts of Asia the 8GB 5C came out last year and was a success. I guess they are moving it to other markets. I have seen a couple of the 8GB model in the wild. Generally young people. only thing on them is photos as they stream Spotify for music.

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