My Own Tablet Thinking At The Moment, Part Five

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these.

This one will be brief:

That is why I’ve crossed all Windows tablets off my list.

I’ve been beaten up by too many Windows Updates and other Windows shit to want to ever risk having that in a tablet.

I’m otherwise still too confused to even list any tablet candidates yet.

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My Own Tablet Thinking At The Moment


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15 responses to “My Own Tablet Thinking At The Moment, Part Five

  1. highwind


    1. You can easily disable automatic updates and only install them when YOU want it
    2. There is an option to restart without update hazzle, even if they were installed during your session (updates will then proceed at the next restart/shutdown)

    People are crying when they do not get updates for Android and the same people are crying when they do get updates for Windows… 1st world problems much?

    • It might be 1st world but it’s ALWAYS in my fucking way. No shit, the notebook I’m on says EVERY FUCKING DAY there are Updates. Who has time for that shit?

      • Dun

        My friend gave my his tablet for few hours to try to restore windows 8. I disliked it after 10mn, I hated it after few hours and I really wanted to throw out thru the windows after 2 days of attempting to update.
        This is the windows 8 loop : your tablet need to install updates… x Gb downloading … installing .. 3h later .. still installing… 5h later.. there were an error during the install –> reverting update … 3h later back to step 1.
        Your right Mike.. cross out off your list.

      • highwind

        1. Windows updates dont come every day, they only come once a week (wednesday in western europe, might be other days in other parts of the world)… if they bother you every day it probably means that you skipped them every day before (probably by letting your laptop in standby instead of porperly shutting it down)

        2. As I just checked, Windows updates arent even applied when you click “reboot”, so this “twitter-story” you posted up there is completely made up… they are only applied when you click “shutdown” (and you usually do that when you are finished with working on your device in which case it shouldnt bother you if the device stays on for some more minutes to apply some updates).

        3. As already said, nobody forces you to have automatic updates turned on! Go to “Control Panel”, open “Windows Upates”, click “Change Settings” and use the last option of the drop down menu… never will a Windows update bother you again!

      • >>>As I just checked, Windows updates arent even applied when you click “reboot”, so this “twitter-story” you posted up there is completely made up…

        Between you and Chippy, I’ll trust Chippy. He’s a goddammed expert and doesn’t make up shit.

  2. John T

    Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  3. Robert Jasiek

    In the Control Panel, go to system services, select “Windwos Update”, edit its properties. Select either “deactivated” so that you NEVER get any Windows Updates or “manual” so that YOU have to start any Windows Updates MANUALLY (then by clicking on “Windows Update” in the Control Panel). Don’t complain about Windows, but complain about your own failure to set your preferred setting.

  4. WindowsTabletFan

    As my father used to say… A bad workman always blames his tools….

    I think it would be a mistake to completely discount windows tablets. I’ve had every version of the iPad, the original Nexus, the original Amazon tablet and the larger Nook, not to mention a couple of the first Android tablets (anyone remember the Pandigital Novel?) I had the Onda v975i and now have the v975w. Of all of them the v975w is the best in terms of actual productivity. I have office 2013 and Adobe Pro and Photoshop on it. With the latest Bios update and windows updates it works really well. battery life isn’t as good as an iPad but it has a great screen, works well with a bluetooth mouse and keyboard and with a 32GB microSD card has all the storage space I need. Is it equivalent to a Surface Pro 3? Absolutely not but then again it is a quarter of the price of the cheapest one and is lighter and easier to use in tablet mode. Give it 6 months and someone will bring out one with a faster processor, 4GB of ram and 64 or 128GB of storage for around 300 bucks and that will blow the Surface Pro 3 out of the water in terms of price / performance. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the windows tablets out of hand.

  5. Your 5 part story sounds exactly like mine, Mike. Although, the difference I can say right off the top is that I’m still considering Windows tablets. I’ve been in this game as long as Chippy, in fact he knows me (I met him on MobileRead). I was reviewing Chinese tablets back when they were shipping with Windows CE. There have been many changes in the Chinese market as they have made innovations, but one thing remains the same – the quality assurance teams are not as good as other brands – for the most part. Because of that, I’m not comfortable purchasing one yet.

    Back to the topic of searching for a tablet. I’m about to buy one myself. I’ve looked at every tablet you can imagine. I want one that is around 8 inches. I would highly prefer a 4:3 aspect ratio. I’ve looked at Chinese tablets, the HP Slate 8 Pro, Dell Venue Pro 8, Lenovo Android and Windows tablets, and more. I keep looking back at the HP Slate 8 Pro. It is exactly what I want but there are literally NO REVIEWS on Youtube from America. No advertising and not much more to go on.

    The next one I considered with the new Samsung S series 8.4 inch tablet. Beautiful screen, great specs. Problem? Touchwiz. I don’t want to jack around with custom ROMs. I’ve been doing that with my HP Touchpad and Sony Xperia Tablet Z for a long time. I just want something solid to read on. Touchwiz is slow and bloated. Cross that one off for sure – its almost as bad as buying an Apple tablet and having iTunes shoved down my throat.

    So in the end, I’m like you, except I’m considering the highest quality Chinese 4:3 8 inch tablet I can find, or the HP Slate 8 Pro, or the Dell Venue 8 Pro Windows tablet. One thing I can give Windows – beyond all the update problems people complain about, is that it can run XBMC perfectly, old games from, and would likely be the best at reading PDFs.

    Keep up the good work on your blog, Mike!

    • I can tell you right now: Stay the hell away from the HP Slate 8 Pro. Just 1GB of RAM and that’s insufficient with that Tegra 4 CPU and half-Retina-class screen. HP said they’d do a 2GB version and never did, not even for the one their marketed to businesses. It’s an orphan.

      You never thought about the Xiaomi MiPad?

      • Actually, I did look into it (as part of the slew of Chinese tablets I’ve been studying). Thanks for the info on the Slate 8 Pro. I totally agree – 1GB is not enough, for some reason I had thought it was 2! How do you release a tablet with these specs and only 1GB? How is the stock ROM that comes with the MiPad?

      • MiPad uses MIUI and is supported well by Xiaomi with updates sometimes every week. And MIUI 6 will be coming to it probably by year’s end. Plenty of YouTube vids about the MiPad.

    • FM

      The new Google Nexus 8 or 9 is incoming, supposedly within a month. Specs are still speculation, either way, it could cause more interest in such sized screens or challenge pricing on current tablets.

      Windows is a full sized OS so it requires a large amount of space and typical Windows malware precautions. Good if you need legacy programs I suppose.

      • Latest rumor is K1 in the N8. Aspect ratio and screen resolution still really unknown. It’d be something if it was basically a Xiaomi MiPad (4:3 Retina-class).

  6. Robert Jasiek

    As another 4:3 lover, I have been following the development of such tablets closely. There is still no suitable ordinary consumer tablet (and I do not need a ruggedised Panasonic for EUR 2550), but things are becoming more and more promising. Windows is my preference because of security, data protection, drivers and software variety especially for contents creation. iOS lacks a local file manager and a local file transfer manager to Windows computers and one has to fight against iTunes. Android lacks data protection in every respect and updates except for Nexus tablets.

    All companies still fail to offer a matt or anti-reflective display (with something like the new Gorilla Glas and its only 1% reflection) combined with sufficient brightness and contrast ratio for convincing outdoor use even in not-too-direct sunlight. I want a tablet – not a mirror.

    Weight is another important issue. There are still too few 10″ tablets in the 460 – 480g range. Maybe tablets with digitizer can be a bit heavier.

    Instead of simply offering enough RAM and storage, too many tablets race to the bottom or demand astronomical prices for sufficient storage.

    Still there are no Windows tablets with 4:3 screen, for ordinary consumers and with reliable production and drivers. None! It is an extreme market gap but no company dares to fill it. Likewise no company dares to offer a 9″ or 10″ ebook reader. The gold mines are there, but no company wants to earn money.

    There are these hopes for Windows 4:3 tablets: a Surface Mini in two sizes in the 8″ to 10″ range with CherryTrail and 4:3 or at least 3:2 ratio, the big companies offer such a tablet with CoreM or CherryTrail, the China tablets finally replace beta by reliable quality of tablet and drivers, ionik or another small Western company replaces a mirror (such as the ionik 9.7″ TW Serie I promised for November) by a useful display and provides stable drivers.

    Android’s only option seems to be a 4:3 Nexus. All other Android tablets are bloatware without long-term updates.

    The iPad Air 2 might have a truely anti-reflective display.

    I have waited for 4 years to buy a tablet. Do I need to wait another 4 years or will at least one company become reasonable? Not to mention a well working digitizer.

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