T-Mobile Is Badass


John Legere used “shit,” “bullshit,” “moron,” “fuck,” and “fucker” in his webcast today. Goddam, this is a man with balls.

I liked what I heard. T-Mobile is shaking the shit up in the cellphone industry. It’s long overdue.

To see what he was announcing today, read: T-Mobile makes big Wi-Fi push on heels of iPhone 6’s Wi-Fi calling. I was too busy watching to take my own notes.

Here in The Hood, Boost Mobile has been the big thing. But I’ve lately noticed action heading towards T-Mobile.


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2 responses to “T-Mobile Is Badass

  1. Thomas

    T-Mobile in Portland, Or is amazing. I have had 4G/LTE everywhere in this city. No dead spots or anything so far. Just wish they would go with unlimited tethering.

  2. You mean the man who’s luring users through unprofitable music services so that he can fuck up the net neutrality principle and pick winners?


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