“American Imperialists”?

A Weibo communiqué from someone connected to Xiaomi (an employee, I believe):




Google Translate:

Beijing horrible, it has a characteristic, can jam at any time, I think I can shoot a movie “unobstructed Man”, dedicated to combating traffic jam problem, you will be playing with the phone while driving lesson, do not follow the normal speed of travel will be hit meal, Man found later unimpeded traffic jams cause of international criminal organizations culprit is traffic jams Earth Alliance, which is backed by the American imperialists conspiracy, let the Chinese people angry, so smooth Xia and American imperialists launched a variety of struggles, and ultimately defeat American imperialism

Bing Translator:

Beijing too terrible has, it has a features, can at any time traffic, I wants to can took a movie unobstructed Grand, specifically combat traffic problem, you drive play phone Shi will was lessons, not by normal speed driving will was beat a Dayton, later unblocked Grand found traffic causes of culprit is international crime organization Earth traffic Union, its behind is beauty di of conspiracy, let people anger, so unobstructed Grand and beauty di started has various struggle, eventually hit collapsed beauty di

So which translation is correct?

Google’s, with “American Imperialism” in it?

Bing’s, which doesn’t even show “American” anywhere in the text?

Do they still think of “American Imperialists” in China? If so, Houston, we have a fucking problem. And explain to me why the hell they buy the iPhone and iPad over domestic brands …


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4 responses to ““American Imperialists”?

  1. so, they are pushing imperialists from their market and it is ok
    now Xiaomi is No1, in 5 years, I suppose, american brands will have much less share

  2. Matt Smith

    Funny post :) Actually, the Bing translation has America too, but it got translated more literally as “beauty”, because in Chinese, the name of America is “mei guo” (美国) which means beautiful country.

    The “American imperialists” thing is probably just sarcasm, since most people here don’t think that way, but I would say it comes from an older time, so it gets made fun of more often than not… if you look through enough Chinese comments on Chinese news articles articles, you’ll see this term often enough, actually … yes, some might actually use it seriously, but this guy’s talking about a movie so… maybe not? :)

  3. Although “imperalism” may not be the right word, some people may see it that way with US military bases around the world, joint military exercises with Japan close to China border, US involvement in war such as Iraq, Lyria, Syria…, and sometimes, even without wars, it may feel like the US is meddling with others countries internal affairs.

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