IMP3Net Reviews iFive Mini 4

Checking blog search here, I’m surprised that no other tech site has reviewed it yet. IMP3Net is the first [Google Translate].


The new AnTuTu 5.0 scoring scheme dramatically shaves off the touted 40,000-range score of version 4.x:

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He massages the DDR2 storage by saying it’s fast in transferring files from a PC, leaving out the fact the tablet takes a performance hit from not using DDR3:

Particularly worthy of recognition yes, write speed comes with 32GB storage quickly, can be maintained at 20MB / s or more, which is even more than full-Chi A80 scheme using flat USB3.0 interface faster.

Fast copy speeds with a large-capacity storage, and then has to support the excellent decoding performance and delicate screen effects, viewed through ifive mini4 HD blockbusters can also become a pleasure.

He passes over the camera by saying in bright lighting there can be good pictures but focusing and the shutter are slow:

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ifive mini4 Rear 800W pixel camera with auto focus and touch focus, shooting options is relatively simple, focusing and imaging at a slower pace, but in a well-lit conditions, the effect of the film is good.

The photo above looks OK until it’s clicked on. Then it can be seen that the greens become muddy and overall this is a camera that needs ideal lighting to capture something just barely acceptable.

But he notes that battery life is not good …

Finally to the power consumption, ifive mini4 using 5600mAh lithium battery, the battery capacity models had to be larger than the same series.

Official nominal support 7 hours of video, 30 hours of audio or 210 hours standby. Actually a little test, after fully charged, set the maximum brightness, the sound is not open, start playing NBA2K14 game from 10:00 to 11:50 to see the remaining 28% charge after off-screen standby, 13:50 pm wake up the screen , then the remaining 19% of electricity, continue to play the game until 14:35 the power goes off automatically. Excluded middle two hours standby, in fact consecutive games only 2 hours 40 minutes battery life is less than.

Endurance performance is not too good, of course, if it is used to access, read a book or video hardware solutions, some should be longer than this, but to achieve a nominal looks somewhat difficult.

… and the back gets hot when under a heavy processing load:

In addition, the machine heat slightly, playing one hour after the game, cover the hottest place close to 55 degrees, and all-metal body as a whole will be relatively hot. Even just playing a video, one hour after the hottest place has more than 40 degrees, fever and endurance can be regarded as a weakness ifive mini4’s. Of course, such a thin metal body, require it to reach iPad mini2 overall performance that is not reality, Andrews is a comparison of power consumption of the product itself.

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  1. Still looking like the MiPad is the best of this breed (4:3 Android tablets). Waiting for the new Windows tablets from larger companies to be released before I move on something.

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