Onda V975w Owner Video


Screensnaps and video after the break.




















I’m always amazed at how smooth and fast it is.

But I’ve bogged down a more powerful Windows 7 notebook. So I’d have that at the point of me wanting to fling it against a wall probably in its first week.

Now the video …

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6 responses to “Onda V975w Owner Video

  1. I don´t understand, what´s the use of windows on tablet?
    Touch mode of w8 is awful, as desktop mode on Atom is a shit.
    Generally, competitive advantages of Windows is now only games and photo editing software. Nor games nor photo editing is ok on a tablet.

    • Well that’s what I’ve been asking myself too.

      • MocciJ

        I’ve got an Asus t100 at home for months, and for a brief period I had the v975w.
        One has to have good reasons to go with a Windows tablet – those reasons exists though. I really dig the idea of a completely silent and portable x86 PC that I can use comfortably for reading, browsing AND for programming (with an HDMI cable and bt key+mouse) AND for playing live gigs with VSTs and sequencers (exclusive to Windows). The current Atom generation is PLENTY powerful for those tasks, it actually exceeded my expectations. I really don’t care for a gazillion of useless apps, most of them can easily be replaced with IE’s bookmarks, and for the other ones there are superior x86 ones. For the productivity section, plug an HDMI screen and that’s it.
        The downside is that pretty much all those Windows tablets are gimped down regarding specs while their price is still relatively high. I don’t care about the DPI scaling quirkness – 1280×800 is really too low for a 10 inch 300€ tablet. And the price levitates rapidly.

  2. Filipp, think the opposite way: what can’t you do with a Windows tablet that you do with Android? Maybe 80% of the time I spend with the tablet is browsing – and real browsing is much better in Windows.
    Now add Word and Excell to the equation and a Windows tablet, to me, is a nice choice.

  3. Trying to follow the evolution of tablet-oriented Windows 8 and Intel mobile SoCs (x86), I constantly jump to the conclusion that they were totally incoherent . To be clear, Intel was not ready to support the Win8 new tablet features, steering Microsoft to ARM SoCs and developing the ill-fated WinRT. At the other hand, now that Intel can provide equally energy/CPU power-efficient SoCs (Bay-Trail), Microsoft try to diminish tablet-oriented features from Win9. Maybe is too early for judgement, but it seems that there is a huge market segment that waits to substitute an expensive ultrabook, an old and under-powered netbook or a “limiting” Android tablet with a Windows hybrid but in a reasonable cost (below $300). That part is not interesting in the super-fast but expensice Broadwell Core-M, but needs good battery life, effective use as a tablet, the best compatibility with Primary PCs and broader productivity options.

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