Actress Jennifer Croxton


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Someone has fallen down on the damn job at both places.

That’s her, in the above photo.

In one episode of the final season of The Avengers, Killer, Tara King (Linda Thorson) went on vacation. Mother (Patrick Newell) gave Steed (Patrick Macnee, also pictured) a fill-in agent, Lady Diana Forbes-Blakeney, played by Jennifer Croxton.

While no one could ever replace Emma Peel (Diana Rigg), Forbes wasn’t afraid to kick the shit out of larger men — and Croxton pulled it off with a vim and vigor not seen since the Mrs. Peel days.

So it’s a damned shame that role isn’t even mentioned in either of those inadequate bios!

This little post is my way of trying to correct that.

At least has it.


Jennifer Croxton
Avengers, The – Series Six


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3 responses to “Actress Jennifer Croxton

  1. Ilya T.

    Mike, the IMDB link is ill-formatted (local).

  2. Very good writeup, of very good new Avenger! A pity she didn’t ” get a permanent job” in the Avengers! Perhaps John Steed had got her from a tempting agency!

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