Five Technology Teases New Windows Tablet (Updated)

As previously rumored at the 5Fans forum back in July [Google Translate], Five Technology has now teased full renders of its upcoming Windows 8.1 tablet via a Weibo communiqué:





No other details at post time. But if a Chinese tech site has more, I’ll update this post.

Same-day update: 1Pad has more [Google Translate].

It’s another eight-inch tablet. But Five Technology breaks away from the pack with a 1920 x 1200 screen. It’ll also have 2GBs of DDR3L RAM (what the iFive Mini 4 should have had!), and 32GBs of internal storage.

It’ll be called the iFive MX2 and is due in October. Price and Intel CPU still unknown.

Second same-day update: PadHz says it’ll use an Intel Z3735F, as the upcoming Teclast X80h will [Google Translate].


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4 responses to “Five Technology Teases New Windows Tablet (Updated)

  1. Are those speaker grills on the front? Looks interesting.

  2. Good to see they put the grilles on the front. I’ve seen a lot of good reviews on Five tablets. The mini4 seems to get hot, from what I have seen, but I really hope this tablet comes out with good quality and no issues.

  3. Oh, and I hope it has at good battery.

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