Teclast X98 Air 3G: Full Details


Teclast has published a page at QQ that gives full details about the new X98 Air 3G. And the page has text that can be translated into English [Google Translate].

Previously here:

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16 responses to “Teclast X98 Air 3G: Full Details

  1. John

    I wish I could actually buy it for 1099 yuan and have it shipped to Europe without having to go through questionable Aliexpress sellers and be charged 50€ extra for it.

  2. MocciJ

    Finally a tablet that ticks all the boxes: HDMI was the only thing missing from the previous Air.

  3. giouncino

    After reading that many activities on teclast company are performed by hands: soldering is one of the most important that is cooling down my entushiastic opinion about teclast tablets…

    Inthink that they probably need to improve their productive chain before I can think to buy a teclast product.

    Teclast x98 air 3g is one of the most promising tablet from teclast, though

  4. giouncino

    Cube talk 9x is not soldered by hands! Build quality is really excellent. One of the best I’ve ever seen on a Chinese brand

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