Amazon Announces Premium Kindle And Budget Fire Tablet

Amazon Unveils High-End Kindle Reader and Low-Price 6-Inch Tablet Inc. introduced a handful of new devices, including a $100 tablet aimed at the masses and a high-end electronic-reader that the company says is the closest e-reading experience to plain paper.

The $200 Kindle Voyage is the thinnest Amazon e-reader so far and has a magnesium body. Its flush display is much higher in pixel density and 39% brighter than Amazon’s $100 Kindle Paperwhite, making it easier on the eyes, especially in direct sunlight, the company said. The screen’s texture even looks slightly speckled, reminiscent of high-quality paper fiber.

I didn’t expect Amazon to go the premium route, even after I saw the Japan price for the Voyage was about US$250 (something I figured was a Japan Thing…).

And Amazon slaps down all the craptabs too.

Amazon is aiming its new 6-inch $100 Fire HD 6 tablet at a much broader audience. Amazon Vice President Peter Larsen said it was designed in response to the many poor-quality tablets made by other companies that sell on and frequently are returned. “If you get down to those low price points, you start to trade stuff off,” he said. “We hear about it from customers all the time.”

Amazon’s 6-inch tablet and a redesigned $140 7-inch Fire HD 7 tablet have screen resolutions of 1,280 x 800 pixels. The two Fire HDs — Amazon is dropping the Kindle moniker for everything but e-readers — have the same 1.5-gigahertz quad-core processor. Graphics processing is three times faster than last year’s model. Unlike their predecessor, the new 6- and 7-inch models have front and rear cameras.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

A six-inch screen. It could be mistaken for a phone these days.

There’s more than what the Wall Street Journal covered. See this NBC News report: Amazon Unveils Seven New Kindle Tablets and E-Readers.

Aside from wanting to see more of the premium and new lower-end eInk Kindles, I doubt any of the new tablets will interest me.

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3 responses to “Amazon Announces Premium Kindle And Budget Fire Tablet

  1. I would not be so quick in dismissing the big Fire tablet, the 8.9 inch one. That Snapdragon 805 processor looks sweet, and certainly Amazon seems to have stepped up its game concerning reading.

  2. Don’t dismiss the big Fire tablet so quickly. It costs a pretty penny but it certainly has the specs for it and the reading experience seems to have been greatly improved if we hear the preliminary evaluations.

    • Amazon’s skin tends to make it a chore and bogs it down. I tried the 1st gen one in a Best Buy and wasn’t interested afterwards even with all the reports of successful rooting at XDA.

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