Meizu Vs. Xiaomi Breaks Into Public War

There’s been an ongoing rivalry between Meizu and Xiaomi. I don’t know why or what the background is. But one of them has a bug up their ass and sometimes this becomes open warfare in public.

Like today, on Weibo.

First Weibo communiqué:



It seems Meizu fans are flooding Xiaomi’s — and some other phone makers — Weibo with comments about Meizu. This seems to be a coordinated attack. Whether Meizu is behind it or not is unknown. He reprints this string of Comments that are apparently from pro-Meizu people:


I thinks he wants the restrained Xiaomi fans to be sent a MiBand for free!

But that’s not all. This has spread to several Xiaomi accounts. The one for the Mi 4 phone has been especially angry and hit hard by pro-Meizu commenters, as this Weibo communiqué states:



Thousands of pro-Meizu comments, preventing the Mi 4 Weibo people from communicating with Xiaomi fans!

The people behind the Mi 4 account also went ballistic, ripping into Meizu in regard to the presentation of the Meizu MX4 phone apparently never mentioning it was using a MediaTek CPU. It gets really ugly and I’m not going to include those here.

On Twitter, I’ve seen companies engage in some lighthearted jabs at competitors or other companies unrelated to their field (Denny’s capitalizing on Apple’s failed livestream last week is one example).

In China, however, they pull out knives and actually slash at one another!

If this happened on Twitter with American companies, it’d be headline news. And a public relations disaster.

I hope Chinese companies understand they’ll have to conduct themselves differently on Twitter despite what goes on between them back home.

Same-day update: Hours later, more has been revealed. It’s been proven that Meizu rallied people to assault Weibo accounts and there’s word that Meizu also paid people to do it. It’s spread across almost all Xiaomi accounts I read. And “eat shit” was mentioned in one Weibo connected to a Xiaomi employee. The Meizu people doing this were described as being “KOL” — thugs. The “K.O.” of “KOL” comes from the English “K.O.” — “Knock Out.” I hope this all goes away by tomorrow. While I’ve personally found it to be entertaining, it’s also distracting and preventing useful information from being on Weibo.

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