Teclast X98 Air 3G: iambillbil Evaluation Begins


That was fast. Hours ago, he had just an introduction up. Now the evaluation has begun [Google Translate].

The thread is locked. I can’t recall my IMP3Net forum password, so we’ll have to wait for him to unlock it. But this is just an Appearance Evaluation, so the meat isn’t here. But he does offer this at the end (via Bing Translator, which does a better job on it):

The machine current system stability is not good. Test toss the whole process, jammed more than 2 times, you must press the shutdown button, after a forced shutdown is re-opened.

Tests found the machines overall hardware and system performance at all levels are good, to kneel!! Please stay tuned for my next hardware evaluation level.

It’s unstable but it seems to sets a new level of performance (I find that bit hard to believe). It looks like Teclast shipped it without optimized firmware. Which is not surprising for a China tablet. Dammit.

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