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Google Books PDF Test: iPhone 6 Plus

As posted earlier, I went to Apple Store SOHO to fondle and test the iPhone 6 Plus.

With the store’s WiFi being at its saturation point, I was lucky to get in just three basic tests.

1) The People of the Abyss
2) The American Magazine special condensed version for iOS
3) Surface Japan

See my permanent page, Google Books PDF Test for details.

Videos after the break.

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iPhone 6 Plus Mini-Fondle

I got to the Apple Store SOHO about 2PM.

There were still lines.


And I do mean lines, plural.

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San Gennaro Festival 2014

I happened to come upon the 2014 San Gennaro festival in Little Italy on my way to the ferry this afternoon. Most of the photos don’t need any explanation or commentary.


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Teclast’s See-Through Keyboard

Via Weibo communiqué:


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iFive Mini 4 Gets A Second Review


Over at ZOL [Google Translate].

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Pipo P8 Gets A Review

Over at PadHz [Google Translate].

This isn’t really a review. It’s an account of what it’s like to use in general. Even so, there’s a Gotcha at the end that should give people pause before buying it:

The course made me feel uncomfortable in addition to built-in UI relatively ugly outside (UI course they have time to DIY), there are users currently own is inconvenient to modify the internal storage space (equivalent to computer C drive), and only 1G internal storage, I installed those software screenshots front, it prompted me to lack of storage space, the above two shots that I put some applications can be moved to SD card after moving out of the 191MB empty space, this space Some software can not be installed, and hope that subsequent firmware manufacturers can modify the size of the internal storage space for 2G (for manufacturers, this is quite simple, platinum other models before goods have modified the capacity of 2G firmware)

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Internal storage is just 1GB! Which he finds strange, as the larger P1 has 2GBs. He thinks this can be fixed with a firmware update.

My advice is to wait until that firmware update has been issued. And to further wait for actual owner reports. Maybe iambillbil will get his hands on this one. His report would say everything.

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iFive MX2 Windows Tablet


IMP3Net has press material that Five Technology hasn’t sent out via Weibo [Google Translate].

iFive MX2 eight inches at 1920 x 1200, Intel Z3735F (speeds still unknown), 2GBs DDR3L RAM, 32GB eMMC internal storage.

Price, availability, and other specs still unknown. Five still doesn’t list at their website.

Previously here:

Five Technology Teases New Windows Tablet (Updated)


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Teclast X98 Air 3G: iambillbil Praises

He hasn’t finished his evaluation posts, but he’s done an all-text summary of what he’s found [Google Translate]. I think he got so excited he wanted to share his findings as soon as possible. [Next-day update: The post has since changed to one that includes photos and a detailed evaluation.]

He has gone absolutely nuts over the tablet, yelling in several places, “Shocked! Buy buy buy!

Yes, in red!

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Xiaomi Invests $25M In Health Company

Xiaomi Ventures To Invest $25M In Andon Health

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Inc.’s venture capital arm has agreed to invest US$25 million in Chinese health products maker Andon Health Company Limited, according to a regulatory filing.

Tianjin-based Andon Health will establish a new entity called iHealth Inc. in Cayman Island, and inject its related global businesses in electronic and smart health device division iHealth into the new platform.

Xiaomi Ventures Limited will hold a 20% stake of iHealth Inc. The two will develop new health products and services that can be applied to Xiaomi’s e-commerce and cloud platforms.

Xiaomi Invests US$25M in Andon’s iHealth for 20% Stake

Andon, or Jiuan in Chinese, the Chinese healthcare electronics manufacturer, announced to spin off the division for iHeath, the healthcare appcessory brand, and introduce US$25 million financing from Xiaomi, the Chinese smart device maker and software developer.

The spin-off is named iHealth Inc., according to the Andon announcement, and Xiaomi will have a 20% stake in it. One of Xiaomi’s board directors will join iHealth Inc.’s board of directors.

Their products have been sold in Apple Stores. Now iOS users will be adding to the profits of Xiaomi. The world is getting weirder.

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The “Oops!” Heard Around The World

First guy to buy the iPhone 6 in Perth, Australia drops it on live TV.

See the ghastliness after the break.

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