Google Books PDF Test: iPhone 6 Plus

As posted earlier, I went to Apple Store SOHO to fondle and test the iPhone 6 Plus.

With the store’s WiFi being at its saturation point, I was lucky to get in just three basic tests.

1) The People of the Abyss
2) The American Magazine special condensed version for iOS
3) Surface Japan

See my permanent page, Google Books PDF Test for details.

Videos after the break.

This is showing what it’s like just to read The People of the Abyss in mobile Safari, something not many people will even try:

And now it’s open in iBooks:

And here’s the special condensed PDF with pages from The American Magazine:

And the kicker and big surprise, Surface Japan:

I don’t know what it is about Surface Japan, but it’s still sub-optimal even with the more powerful CPU and GPU of the iPhone 6 Plus!

I wish I had been able to take videos of my Google Books PDF tests beginning with iPhone 1 all the way to now. It’s been a mad adventure. In the beginning, it couldn’t do them at all. Then it could, but v-e-r-y slowly.

And I mean something like The People of the Abyss, which isn’t a large PDF at all (just 7 MBs).

Keep in mind that I’m restricted to using iBooks in these tests. I can’t download any PDF apps for iOS because the demo units won’t allow downloads from the App Store like a properly set-up demo Android tablet will from the Google Play Store. Dedicated PDF apps might be able to handle Surface Japan just fine. I don’t know. All I have to work with is the built-in iBooks, which in my estimation still fails with that book.

Even though Apple might think iBooks works just swell, it doesn’t in my opinion and still needs work until Surface Japan is handled as easily as The People of the Abyss.

I look forward to conducting a full suite of tests on the new iPad Air 2 in October.

Previously here:

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3 responses to “Google Books PDF Test: iPhone 6 Plus

  1. Martin

    So ,now that you already had the plus in your hand what is your impression overall?

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