iFive Mini 4 Gets A Second Review


Over at ZOL [Google Translate].

The review follows the new formula ZOL is using for reviews. Frankly, it’s pretty sucky. It’s perfunctory and doesn’t go deep. The microphone is never mentioned. Headphones never tried. No sample photos or videos. These things are part of all tablets, so why aren’t they part of every damn review?

Also, using video for battery rundown tests is really a bit of a scam. All of the CPUs and GPUs have been optimized to handle video and audio and squeeze every electron for what it can give. Some other kind of battery test needs to be devised that reflects everyday use. Most people aren’t going to just sit there watching video all of the time.

The firmware is still not settled:

Of course, the entire testing process, ifive mini 4 cases also appeared occasionally crash the application, the system stability there can be room for improvement

As for benchmarks…

AnTuTu 5.1 lowers the touted 40,000-range score:


That further confirms what I’ve said: All the new tablets are within AnTuTu score spitting distance of one another, between 27,000-34,000 with really not much difference between them. Only the Xiaomi MiPad currently stands out, but even so. No one will be dissatisfied by any new-gen tablet for most tasks. (We’ve yet to see benchmarks for the Teclast X98 Air 3G, but that’s a tablet with a larger screen that might not be of interest to someone wanting a iPad Mini-sized tablet.)

Basemark II:






Geekbench 3:


There are other benchmarks at the review.

Reviews only tell the surface story, no matter how detailed. For more, check out the posts from actual owners at the 5Fans forum [Google Translate].

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