iFive MX2 Windows Tablet


IMP3Net has press material that Five Technology hasn’t sent out via Weibo [Google Translate].

iFive MX2 eight inches at 1920 x 1200, Intel Z3735F (speeds still unknown), 2GBs DDR3L RAM, 32GB eMMC internal storage.

Price, availability, and other specs still unknown. Five still doesn’t list at their website.

Previously here:

Five Technology Teases New Windows Tablet (Updated)


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3 responses to “iFive MX2 Windows Tablet

  1. Sebastien

    I think the speed is 2.15ghz….could be wrong

  2. This is one of the nicest looking Chinese Windows tablets so far. The question is, what is the battery life like? Too soon to know. I’m closer than ever to getting a MiPad though. I want the device for reading. Great battery life, screen, build quality, and aspect ratio.

  3. I have answered the question about battery. This 8 inch tablet has a 7000 mAh battery. 8.5 or so hours. I’m actually considering this now instead of the Xiaomi MiPad.

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