iPhone 6 Plus Mini-Fondle

I got to the Apple Store SOHO about 2PM.

There were still lines.


And I do mean lines, plural.

The one on the right was just to get into the store to look or conduct non-iPhone 6 business:


And the one on the left was just for iPhone 6 and still stretched:


And BAM! here it is:


And here it is next to a Galaxy Note 3 someone dared to bring into the store:


Here’s this joint on the iPhone 6 Plus:


Why was I crazy enough to go to the Apple Store on Day One of iPhone 6? Because I had to know:


Oh hell yeah I went in to do the Google Books PDF Test!

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it. The WiFi was jammed. I even had to disconnect and reconnect:


And for the longest time, the file would get stuck, like it is here (see blue progress bar):


I had to stop and restart the download several times. Finally:



But that’s it open just in Safari. And I had other downloads going:


What was remarkable to me was that the downloads kept going when I popped out of Safari to the Home Screen or Settings. I guess such background multitasking has been going on since iOS 7? I haven’t kept up.

We’re still in Safari here:



Man, those page arrows were so damn small! And there was no visual feedback that I had hit them squarely.

Finally …


… ignore the moire pattern from the camera sensor. I didn’t apply a filter to get rid of it.

And BAM! iBooks:



Man, look at all that space at top and bottom! This is why I prefer tablets with 4:3 aspect ratio. 16:9/10 looks ass with Google Books PDFs.



Landscape is ugh:


And here we are in Safari again, with Surface Japan this time:





iBooks, with the special for-iOS condensed edition of The American Magazine:


And a crazy-crazy-ass maximum pinch-zoom into that page:


iOS 8 brings complexity to clearing mobile Safari after browsing. It’s now three screens deep to purge:




The iPhone 6 Plus might look like ass in pictures, but it’s not at all like that in person.

This is another piece of lust-tastic tech from Apple. The feel is lush. It’s incredibly thin. I mean, forget the damn pictures you’ve seen. You must feel the thinness. It sat very well in my hand.

As for that protruding camera? Holy crap, it sticks out so little that I had a hard time reconciling it in person to all the photos that made it look like a freakish blister!

In all, I spent about 35 minutes with it. I just wanted to get in the very basics of a Google Books PDF Test in so I could sleep tonight without wondering and wondering and wondering.

I didn’t try the camera or really anything other than what I’ve shown of Settings.

The WiFi was jammed and it was all I could do to get done what I did. I mean, even websites were having a hard time getting through. So, I didn’t want to take up any more time while there were other people who also wanted to experience it.

I still need to do the full version of The American Magazine at 290MBs. I want to see if mobile Safari will still crash instead of completing the download.

As for the test I did, I’ll be posting videos with my commentary and tentative conclusions. This post was just about experiencing the iPhone 6 Plus itself.

Oh, I also held the iPhone 6. I can see its appeal even though it’s “only” 4.7 inches. It also felt nice in my hand and was more amenable to being used single-handedly. But me, I’d want that iPhone 6 Plus.

However, I have absolutely zero intention of shedding my body bits.

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