Pipo P8 Gets A Review

Over at PadHz [Google Translate].

This isn’t really a review. It’s an account of what it’s like to use in general. Even so, there’s a Gotcha at the end that should give people pause before buying it:

The course made me feel uncomfortable in addition to built-in UI relatively ugly outside (UI course they have time to DIY), there are users currently own is inconvenient to modify the internal storage space (equivalent to computer C drive), and only 1G internal storage, I installed those software screenshots front, it prompted me to lack of storage space, the above two shots that I put some applications can be moved to SD card after moving out of the 191MB empty space, this space Some software can not be installed, and hope that subsequent firmware manufacturers can modify the size of the internal storage space for 2G (for manufacturers, this is quite simple, platinum other models before goods have modified the capacity of 2G firmware)

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Internal storage is just 1GB! Which he finds strange, as the larger P1 has 2GBs. He thinks this can be fixed with a firmware update.

My advice is to wait until that firmware update has been issued. And to further wait for actual owner reports. Maybe iambillbil will get his hands on this one. His report would say everything.

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3 responses to “Pipo P8 Gets A Review

  1. there are custom roms for pipo models that solve this problem, it is always been so, very easy..

  2. Marcus

    If it’s anything like the RK3188, it’s just a partitioning issue. For instance, for a 16gb device, the default is 2gb for apps and 14gb for other stuff. Whereas in most android devices now, it’s 16gb shared between apps and other stuff meaning that potentially you can have 16gb for apps should you wish.

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