The “Oops!” Heard Around The World

First guy to buy the iPhone 6 in Perth, Australia drops it on live TV.

See the ghastliness after the break.

Meanwhile, the gray market China business is booming: Hundreds, More than a Thousand, Sleep Outside NYC’s Main Apple Store for iPhone 6

Along the 59th St. queue, it is mostly Asians. There are some Europeans, and no Americans from what we could tell. In some cases there were whole families.

I saw that at the Apple SOHO store with prior iPhone releases. The lines would be nothing but Chinese recruited from nearby Chinatown to buy iPhones (they were limited to one to a customer at the time) so they could be re-sold in China. With the approval still held up in China, the government there has created another gray market by delaying the release domestically.

Same-day update: Chinese people around the world line up to buy iPhone 6 grand aunt, cattle, go play mahjong [Google Translate]

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One response to “The “Oops!” Heard Around The World

  1. Martin

    I feel sorry for the guy …I know he try to show off he new phone but….I hope he has insurance.

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