AnTuTu New Anti-Cheating Method

Via Weibo communiqué:



There’s a forum post that gives details [Google Translate].

So any score in red with a question mark is possibly fraudulent.

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4 responses to “AnTuTu New Anti-Cheating Method

  1. I like this move. Today I ran Antutu on a Sero 8 tablet and got 21868, I dont know if this a good or bad score when translated to ‘real-world’ practicality.

    However I do know that the tablet played a 1080P video over wifi without problems, that file stutters when played locally on my PC. And the tablet got a PSP emulated game to play at 8 FPS.

    • It took a while to Google to find out it has a Rockchip 3188T chip. The AnTuTu score seems legit within margins of error and subsidiary specs (type of RAM, etc).

      • I bought just to evaluated the experience between reading regular paper book and reading that book on a tablet. I am only interested in programming books, so the layout of content (code blocks) is crucial for my needs.

        So far, PDFs are a pain at that screen size and resolution, 8″ and 720×1280 respectively. I have to zoom in with PDFs, then that causes the need to move around the page to center the content. However EPUBs seem to work well because the text reflows and you can make your own font size, font colors, paper color, margins, etc adjustments.

        I still going to try on of these 9.7″, 1536×2048 China tabs to see if the increased size and resolution helps with PDFs. And I am now leaning towards the Cube 9X. The Antutu cheating aside, it is the only one I see with a minimal amount of user complaints

      • PDFs are gorgeous at 2048 x 1536 and readable.

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