AnTuTu 5.1X Defeats Cheating, Onda V989 Delisted

The AnTuTu folks have a post about the three main ways in which AnTuTu scores are manipulated [Google Translate].

And they call out the Onda V989 as cheating, citing the score variation between 5.1 and 5.1X is larger than any possible margin of error — 35%:

In order to maintain a fair run sub-environment, we will Futuremark peer learning, we note that a tablet: ONDA V989, standard version and X version by contrast, a difference of 35% between the two scores, but also larger than reasonable error 10% 25%, the presence of the first three irrational behavior, decided to test scores removed from the rankings. In the next time, Ann Bunny will also be a series of other similar devices to combat activities, so stay tuned!

Boldfaced emphasis in the original.

So they’ve banned the Onda V989 from the list of AnTuTu rankings!

So for everyone who doubted there was cheating involved with the Onda V989 AnTuTu score, there’s the final word from the AnTuTu people themselves.

Let me repeat my position on the current generation of tablets — 64-bit Intel, Rockchip 3288, Allwinner A80: They all deliver just about the same level of performance and should satisfy most people for most uses.

The only differences crop up with game compatibility (a problem with Intel and A80, which firmware updates might resolve) and certain video file formats. The only tablet that stands out in terms of raw horsepower is the Xiaomi MiPad, but along with that comes its own set of difficulties with app compatibility (that, again, firmware updates might resolve).

Onda cheating at AnTuTu is just plain stupid.

With the prior generation of tablets, an honest AnTuTu score of 20,000 was considered excellent. Today, honest AnTuTu scores range from 27,000 (lowest Intel score) to around 33,000 (Xiaomi MiPad iFive Mini 4 with AnTuTu 5.1). The difference is not as great as it seems, especially considering, for example, Windows versus Android on a tablet.

Windows has capabilities Android lacks and can generally run more powerful software on a tablet.

Android depends on dual optimizations — from the platform supplier (Rockchip, Allwinner) and the tablet maker (Pipo, Onda, Teclast, etc). This is why we see, for example, Onda and Teclast A80-based tablets leapfrogging one another as the two tablet makers bake in their own optimizations and customizations.

It’s not the AnTuTu score that matters much now — it’s the honesty of the tablet maker.

If they’ll lie about their product, what else will they lie about?

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8 responses to “AnTuTu 5.1X Defeats Cheating, Onda V989 Delisted

  1. Fred

    I’ve tried Antutu X 5.1 with my V989, I get about 34K on normal mode and 35K on speed mode, which is a pretty decent score for a 200$ tablet.

    I wonder how onda will react now that their flagship tablet is banned from Antutu rankings, I guess they’ll do like Ainol and make Antutu crash, or they’ll pretend nothing happened and continue to give that ridiculous 60K score.

  2. Sad to see Onda resort to cheating. I always liked their direction, as it seems they have been improving in quality over time. Same with Teclast. Which brand is considered better? Teclast for sure now I guess?

    • IDK. But Teclast seems to have switched from their past junk tablets.

      • Teclast made some serious crap in the past with those humped tablets like the P85 Dual Core that I had the pleasure to suffer. It’s incredible (or maybe not, given that Intel is basically spoon-feeding them) that their current top-tier stuff like P90HD is so gorgeous and works so well in comparison.

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