Teclast X98 Air WiFi Tip

Teclast has published a tip that allegedly improves WiFi performance of the X98 Air. It’s unclear if this applies to the original Android version or the one flashed to Windows. The Weibo communiqué:


In their usual insular fashion, the forum post is locked [use Chrome or Bing Translator]. I’ve enlarged the Weibo illustration that contains some of the hidden forum information:

Click = big

Some people are claiming success while others say the tip is useless.

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3 responses to “Teclast X98 Air WiFi Tip

  1. It seemed to fix WiFi for me, on my Windows X98 Air II. My upload speed on speedtest.net went from like 0.2Mbps (just awful) to 14 Mbps (and like 30 Mbps download). I followed these steps: (1) Go to http://www.teclast.com/tools/pad/pad.php, hit the big arrow to the right, and enter ID from the back of the tablet (HG6N for my Air II). (2) Download the WiFi fix (posted 2014-12-17). (3) Unrar. You can use Google translate to read the PDF instructions, but really you just need to run the EXE on the tablet and hit Next several times, to install their “Device Status Dynamic Regulator” (whatever that is). (4) Reboot, as prompted at the end. I’m not sure what it does, but it seemed to fix the awful WiFi performance, making it reasonable.

  2. Arda tan

    In teclast site download links don’t work

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