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Closer To Us Than Ebola

Caribbean chikungunya cases top 738,000

The tally of chikungunya cases in the Caribbean, pushed by 19,000 new cases in the Dominican Republic, has surpassed 738,000, and Florida has registered another locally acquired case of the mosquito-borne viral infection, according to public health agencies.

In an update today, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) said the count as of Sep 19 for the Caribbean and neighboring regions reached 729,178 suspected and 9,537 confirmed cases, for a total of 738,715.

That amounts to an increase of 22,185 in suspected cases and 886 confirmed cases since Sep 12, the report shows.

And yet there’s not a peep about this in the news media here to the degree that ebola is being covered.

This is closer to us than ebola.


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Thunderbirds Are Go: New Images



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Teclast X98 Air 3G: Windows Firmware Soon

Via Weibo communiqué:


The holiday is China’s National Day, which is October 1st. So by September 30th for Windows firmware?

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First Sony, Now Samsung

Exclusive: Samsung exits laptop market including Chromebooks

I don’t know anything about the European market.

But here in the American market, getting things into brick and mortar stores isn’t what it used to be. The selection at a place such as Best Buy is pathetic. Things have changed for the worst. If your product isn’t seen on a shelf, it basically doesn’t exist.

Is it like that in Europe too?


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Ployer To Do Eight-Inch Windows Tablet


IMP3Net has the press material [Google Translate].

Intel Z3735F. RAM, storage, price, and release date unknown.

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Oh Snap!

And in case that disappears, screensnap:


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iFive Mini 4 Rebranded By Pioneer, Gets A Review


Over at PC Online [Google Translate].

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Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm

The prior Kickstarter campaign for Gemini Force One was a success. I hope this will be too.

Previously here:

Kickstarter: Gerry Anderson’s Gemini Force One
Kickstarter: Gerry Anderson’s Gemini Force One
Supermarionation Forever

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The Blacklist: #RedReturns


I didn’t realize how much I missed this series until this morning.

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