First Sony, Now Samsung

Exclusive: Samsung exits laptop market including Chromebooks

I don’t know anything about the European market.

But here in the American market, getting things into brick and mortar stores isn’t what it used to be. The selection at a place such as Best Buy is pathetic. Things have changed for the worst. If your product isn’t seen on a shelf, it basically doesn’t exist.

Is it like that in Europe too?


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5 responses to “First Sony, Now Samsung

  1. Robert Jasiek

    In Germany, the tablet variety in media market stores is boring. It is not like you would see no variety at all (there is always the race to the bottom variety), but the very few interesting tablets appear with at least half a year delay. It is hopeless to hunt for quality tablets with digitizer or business tablets. Online information on them is all one gets. If you wanted to order 100 business tablets from an IT system house, you would at least see some colourful booklets, but hardly the tablets of your preference themselves. Buy them or do not see them, it is this simple. Sellers are the kings – not the customers.

  2. lariser

    I think the article is about Samsung exiting the PC market (laptops) both for Windows and ChromeOS. Anyway. Before figures started picturing a strong decline in PC market, the competition in that area was horrible. No innovation, minimum quality, too many models creating frustration to potential buyers, relatively expensive prices for premium models. Only Apple, premium Asus and some Dell models managed to keep the excitement. Maybe, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung (and I don’t know who else tomorrow) are tired of trying hard to differentiate their products and keep making them appealing to a overwhelming audience. So, it’s better to abandon that market that to pretend that you try. Maybe a PC market of less players is more viable, right now. The opportunity to gain a good share is a good motive to invest more or start building more distinct products. I don’t know…

  3. Martin

    In Spain.You have cheaper brands tablets and old models in some Stores …and in big department Stores expensives ones. In Fnac( French Store around europe similar to Best Buy plus books) you have variety of tablets ..And normally the people there know something about it. But the problem is here in Europe the models come later than the US to arrive.and much expensive. I normaly look amazon spain or UK if i need something.

  4. Zakhar

    Here in Russia the only laptops you see in stores are made by Lenovo, Acer and Asus, they’re the Kings of the market. HP is the only western manufacturer which is somewhat presented. Apple laptops almost always sold separately. Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, Dell were poorly presented so for me it is not a surprise that former three companies decided to withdraw from the market.
    Tablet market on the other hand is ruled by Samsung and rebrands of Chinese manufacturers, such as Prestigio, exPlay, Texet etc.

  5. Ian

    However, the EU raid was (is) a superficial gesture, they are paid for lobbyist’ activities by multinationals to introduce nonsensical regulations and rediculous laws (maximum curving for bananas…) with the only purpose to tax EU citizens to the max: senator Palpatine revisited.

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