iFive Mini 4 Rebranded By Pioneer, Gets A Review


Over at PC Online [Google Translate].

An older version of AnTuTu is used, so the score isn’t current. They say it has LPDDR3 RAM. It doesn’t. It’s DDR2.

Several photo samples are posted. The camera is abysmal for 8MP. They shrug it off — which they shouldn’t!

Otherwise, there are no surprises here. It even uses the iFive Skin! And yet PC Online doesn’t mention at all that it’s the iFive Mini 4 with new branding.

Haier previously picked up the iFive Mini 3 and iFive Mini 3GS to sell in Europe. Now Pioneer has done it with the iFive Mini 4.

It seems Five Technology will be around for a while if larger companies keep picking up their products for rebranding to sell in other countries. That’s not to say they’ll be a successful company. If they don’t step up their firmware game, customers won’t buy their next products.

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