Chuwi To Release Phone

That’s what it looks like to me in the photos accompanying their Weibo communiqué:






This looks very similar to the OPPO N1 phone. It has a rotating camera too:


The OPPO N1 has a 5.9-inch screen. Will Chuwi do that too?

A rotating camera is nothing new. As far as I know, Sony did it first with their CLIE line of PalmOS PDAs years ago:


The thing that sets the NR70V apart from its sister model is it has a built-in digital camera, which is built into the hinge and can be rotated to point at the user or away. It can also be rotated downward towards the handheld, which serves as a lens protector.

Those were the days before “selfie” was coined — and no one took them back then, either!

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