Now Five Technology Discusses Memory Bandwidth!

Previously: Rockchip Discusses Memory Bandwidth

Unsurprisingly, following Rockchip’s lead on Weibo, Five Technology sent out press material addressing the complaint users voiced about the iFive Mini 4 containing DDR2 and not the faster DDR3 RAM [Google Translate].

Interestingly, language in the above mirrors that in two Rockchip Weibos (first, second) issued today on the subject.

Further Rockchip claims on Weibo that the use of Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression also obviates the need for DDR3. They cite the fact that Apple is using ASTC in the two new iPhone 6.

But really, Apple using ASTC has nothing to do with this issue. iOS is closely tied to its hardware in a way Android might never be.

We’ve already seen user reports of stuttering in the iFive Mini 4. Stuttering that doesn’t take place on tablets that use DDR3. Rockchip might want to argue those other tablets are using different CPUs or that Five needs to do further firmware optimizations, but still, user reports are what drive sales, not marketing or spin.

And if DDR3 didn’t matter, why is it in the Rockchip 3288-based Pipo P1?

Five Technology made a mistake going with DDR2. That’s all there is to this issue.

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