Teclast Offers Tips, Collects Suggestions

The first Weibo communiqué leads to a post with apps that can ameliorate some tablet problems:


The forum post suggests the following apps (use Chrome or Bing Translator):

Lux (free or paid): This purports to solve the problem of the lowest backlight setting still being too high in darkness.

to adjust brightness: LUX automatic brightness correction Chinese version v1.99.9 has been paid , the brightness can be adjusted to the system below! The paid version you can set your own brightness limit, to avoid unnecessary trouble! Recommended to limit the brightness in the settings changed to -70, -90 will default black. (Do not set to automatic, this board does not light sensor installed after the left drop-down notification bar have this software shortcut bar, easy to adjust, the notification bar to adjust the brightness of the original system failure, after closing the software recovery)

ViPER4Android 音效 FX版 For 4.3 — free; description is in Chinese (copy/paste to translate). Will help with speaker volume.

voice is too small: you can use ViPER4Android ( V4A) effects, you can increase the volume.

MX Player Pro (free or paid) with the free x86 CODEC pack: Helps with video file format playback problems.

mxplayer-pro-1.73 paid version, x98 air 3g available! mxplayer-Pro installing body, before you open the software (directly open will pop), then install x86 codec pack, then you can open up!

The forum post is otherwise locked. I don’t know if downloads are being offered there. I’ve linked to the legitimate Google Play Store listings.

The second Weibo communiqué asks Teclast X98 Air 3G owners to list their grievances so programmers can fix them:


The forum post makes interesting reading, seeing the various things people bring up (use Chrome or Bing Translator).


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6 responses to “Teclast Offers Tips, Collects Suggestions

  1. Aaron Hunter

    Hi, I have got an x98 Air 3g on its way to me. I was wondering if you had come across any posts about how to root this tablet because as far as I’m aware you need to be rooted to use Viper4android. I have been trawling Chinese forums but haven’t come across anything definite.
    Thanks for all the great info in your blog. It makes it so much easier to find stuff :)

  2. Zakhar

    I own Teclast x98 3G and no significant firmware update was officially released to this day. There are multiple issues with my tablet, the most troublesome being battery drain and spontaneous reboots. Other people reported screen burnout, connectivity issues, touch problems, bricking after full battery drain etc. Installing Windows is a real pain in the ass and it is not without problems. We were promised KitKat update, split-screen and other cool features as early as June but…
    Bottom line – I would strongly discourage anybody from buying Teclast or any other Chinese tablet right after release.

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