CUBE Talk9X Gets A Long Write-Up


Over at the ICPCW forum [Google Translate].

I’m posting this because it’s the first encounter I’ve seen this tablet have with AnTuTu 5.0. And BAM! Its cheating is verified, yet again:



That, more or less, is its honest AnTuTu score. Not the ridiculous one CUBE claimed.

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22 responses to “CUBE Talk9X Gets A Long Write-Up

  1. No surprise about the benchmark cheating, but I have read a lot of positive reviews about this tablet as far as quality goes (and how surprising it is actually as nice as it is). Not what I’m looking for though.

  2. Its going be either this one or the X98 Air 3G for me. I getting tired of waiting for a winner, so I will settle with a runner-up

  3. Lane

    Frankly I would be surprised if even 28,000 is an honest score.

    8 cortex a7’s paired with a mali-450 mp4 is simply weak sauce. I bet 20k is more realistic. Would be interesting to see it with antutu x 5.1

  4. Leo

    Well for better or worse this is the tablet I actually bought in the end (not arrived yet).

    Onda and Teclast, whilst having attractive specs on paper, simply are not delivering in terms or battery life / ROM quality / build quality for me to risk buying one.

    The A80 is a damp squib as far as real world performance goes. The v989 is a good example of terrible Chinese firmware, the P98 (nearly bought it) has bad battery life and is a bit flakey (too new). Cheating or not, Cube realise they’re better off leaving Kitkat alone and also not bloating it too much.

    The battery life and build quality on the Talk 9X makes up for the lack of raw power (I’m not a gamer so not a major concern – just good browsing and movie watching mostly).

    The only thing I’m wanting to see is what future tablets the new Bay Trail CPUs get put into (with all that increased bandwidth).

    Let me know if you need a test video or anything.

  5. giouncino

    I own the cube talk 9x, it is REALLY THE VERY BEST CHINESE TABLET I’ve ever seen and tested:
    fast (don’t trust too much on benchmark and don’t get confused by Cortex a7 general performance, it’s definitely fast and reactive, no problems with complex games too).
    The most important thing is that is 100% ROCK SOLID (it NEVER locks-up or reboot).
    Build quality is really outstanding!
    Retina display is exactly the same of iPad Air.

    The only bad thing is the very long battery charging time of almost 7 hours.

    I’m very pleased of this device.
    (keep in mind that I’m an administrator of Pipo Italian community and I’ve seen and tested many tablets with tons of issues!)

  6. EMRAH

    even Teclast P98 Air with 3G option, would be great if there is not a romour abt 4G model… but after onda v979’s antutu cheat, i have some little doubts about A80t chip. Why Teclast doesnt make a tablet over P90HD with this specs : RK3288 cpu, 9.7 or 10.1 ” ultra retina, Mali T764 Gpu, 2 gb ram, 32/64 gb capacity.. would be the winner deffo.

  7. EMRAH

    pompmall has just put the ifive air on their site, but the specs seem like a puzzle, like a trailer of a very promising movie :)

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