Five Technology Teases iFive Air Tablet

Having not fixed the iFive Mini 4 firmware yet, having not released their teased Windows tablet yet, Five goes all the way and teases another tablet that will likely be filled with new and exciting problems that will frustrate early buyers, via Weibo communiqué:



IMP3Net managed to get two full images which I’m cloning here [Google Translate]:



What’s immediately interesting is that it has a Volume rocker on the side.

All that’s known so far: 9.7-inch screen (Retina not mentioned, but it better be), Rockchip 3288 CPU, 7.5mm aluminum unibody, 8,200 mAh battery.

It will be released sometime in October. Price unknown, as are RAM and internal storage.

Will Five screw this one up too by using DDR2 instead of DDR3?

Since it’ll be using the iFive Skin, I don’t think we’ll see Rockchip’s MultiWindow Android 2.0 on it. Perhaps OMA will become interested in it and create a custom ROM for it with that.

This is the first Rockchip 3288-based tablet with an iPad Air-like thinness. There was a rumor of Pipo doing such a tablet — which, in line with their product design, would be all-plastic — but nothing has shown up as even further rumor.

Lastly, it should be remembered that the back camera of the iFive Mini 4 is crap. Five will probably put it in this tablet too. A shame.


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7 responses to “Five Technology Teases iFive Air Tablet

  1. giouncino

    externally is practically identical to the cube talk 9x (except the light sensor)

  2. Lane

    Mike, are you sure that the iFive is using DDR2 as opposed to LPDDR2? I might be wrong on this issue, but from my understanding the Chinese companies are either using LPDDR2, or DDR3, but those are NOT to be confused with DDR2 or LPDRR3. They are very different beasts.

    LPDDR2 is actually supposed to be faster AND much more efficient than DDR3.

    I cannot confirm about the iFive mini 4, but i have seen it mentioned online that it does use LPDDR2, and I can at least confirm (from marketing) that the Teclast P90HD uses LPDDR2. From everything I’ve seen, the Pipo P1 uses DDR3, and not LPDDR3.

    This being the case, the ram in the Teclast (and supposedly the iFive, granted that it really is LP) are the better options over what Pipo is using.

    Like I said, I might be confused on this issue, but want to at least bring this to your attention.

    • I could be using the terms interchangeably because I’ve seen them done like that in tech site reviews and in 5Fans forum posts (not to mention iambillbil’s evaluations!). But if what Five was using was better, why would they and Rockchip have to issue PR spin?

      • Lane

        I don’t know. But the terms aren’t interchangeable and it’s leading to a lot of confusion. Regardless there is still a reason to push for lpddr3, maybe that’s why they feel the need to spin it.

        I want to find out definitively if the Pipo is ddr3 or lpddr3. Do you know anyone who has taken one apart?

  3. Lane

    Just wanted to add, on Pipo’s official site, the p1 is specifically listed as DDR3, but the p8 and p4 are listed as LPDDR2.

    This leads me to believe that pipo is not using the terms interchangeably, and they meant what they wrote. This could possibly explain the bad battery life of the pipo p1 compared to other rk3288 tabs.

    We can’t be sure without more proof though, I’m gonna ask around on freaktab. I know Randy Riley (of RileyRom fame) has one. I’m sure we can get to the bottom of this.

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