Pipo Work-W2F: Another Eight-Inch Windows Tablet

Weibo communiqué:






Larger images at the Pipo forum [Google Translate].

Although full specs haven’t been published, it seems the only difference — at post time — between the W2F and the W2 is the CPU. The W2F is using an Intel Z3735F versus the Intel Z3735D in the W2.

The price of 688 yuan is about US$112.

How many of these tablets can the market support?

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7 responses to “Pipo Work-W2F: Another Eight-Inch Windows Tablet

  1. All these Chinese brands (Pipo, Teclast, Cube etc) do not have the mentality of building a solid product portfolio and enhance it in a tear-by-year basis. This requires funds, research, design, proper manufacturing and marketing. Usually, every new product goes like a firework; fake hype, photos and performance reviews and then burn to no-existence by the next model. So many models, indeed, that even Chinese consumer feel dizzy and frustrated. Very little hope to establish a long-term business.

  2. stroppirob

    Does anyone know what difference the Z3735F will have over the Z3735D?
    I am currently using the Pipo W2. It is a great little device for the price however I do find using the desktop in touch mode a bit of a nightmare, I have good eyesight and medium size fingers but the text and on screen buttons are just too small . As a result I do not use the desktop unless I really really have too.
    What I would like to see is a manufacturer come out with an 8.9 inch screen (so they still get the free copy of Windows with Bing and Office 365 Personal). 2gb + 32gb should be the bare minimum system configuration (4gb +64gb would light my fire). One of my biggest niggles with tablets in general is manufacturers still insist on using dc chargers. It drives me nuts! They are mobile devices. As far as I’m concerned all mobile devices should be charged via a micro usb port. For tablets I will go one step further and say they need two micro usb ports, one for charging and the other for connectivity while the device is being charged. ( OK I know, it’s crazy thinking)!
    Anyway I had better stop here,I had no intention for this to turn into a rant.
    8inchWindows tablets are great devices for the price, however manufacturers and Microsoft do have to face up to the areas in which they fall short.

    • When I used the iPhone 6 Plus, the download link at the bottom of the screen was so small I had trouble hitting that too. Someone needs to come up with “Hover and Magnify” for that problem.

      • I love that feature on Android in Chrome browser. Works very fluid and does the exact job you need.

        This one has a different build style than the other Pipo W2. I have to agree with Mike, how many of these tablets do we need? Other than a different processor, what is the difference in this tablet versus the W2?

        The only Chinese windows tablet that I’m even considering is the Ramos i8pro. Thanks for linking that article yesterday, with the translation I was able to read a solid review on the device. If nothing better comes out in the next week or two, I’ll be pulling the trigger on the Thinkpad 8 or Ramos i8pro.

      • stroppirob

        You are right on the button there. On the Pipo W2 I’ve tried using the screen magnifier from the ease of access centre. Quite frankly I found it more of a hindrance than a help on an 8 inch screen. The fault here lies with Microsoft as they designed the Os not Pipo.

  3. Claudiu Alex

    Which do you recommend? Teclast X80h or PIPO W2F or Voyo A1 mini?

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