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Credibility-Stretching Review Of CUBE Talk9X

Cube Talk 9X review : Fully loaded tablet at an amazing price!

Here is the WTF:

The Mediatek chip offers a smoother overall experience. It even beats the Onda V989 with Allwinner’s new ARM Cortex A80T!

I don’t have a throat wide or deep enough to swallow that.

And really, comparing it to a Rockchip 3188? This is 2014, not 2012!

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Never Forget The Invisible Bastards

Marvel and Jack Kirby estate settle their disputes

The smartest bit is in the Comments:

The people who say “this is just people fighting about money” always then seem to follow it up by spitting on Kirby’s heirs by saying “they didn’t have anything to do with it”. Well, the execs and investors in Disney didn’t have anything to do with Kirby’s success either, yet they’ve made a ton of money on his ideas.

Jack Kirby and his heirs are flesh and blood people with names and faces attached to them.

All the Suits who have fed — and are now feeding — on the trough that Kirby built are nameless and invisible.

Previously at a prior blog:

Quote: Matt Fraction

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Amazing Multi-Screen Video (Updated)

I saw this as separate GIFs on Weibo.

I downloaded them, converted them to MP4 in the Cloud, uploaded to YouTube, then stitched them together with the YouTube editor.

It looks like a few seconds got cut off in all the conversions, but it’s still an incredible effort.

Next-day update: This turned out to be a music video from America that was sliced and diced into GIFs without sound and put on Weibo!

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Microsoft Commits To China

Nadella visited China, first Weibo communiqué:


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The Meizu Vs. Xiaomi Weibo War: Meizu Busted

Poor Wang Jun! Offered 5,600 yuan to raise a “water army” (“navy”) to spam Weibo accounts on behalf of Meizu — and he didn’t get paid because the scheme was exposed!

The details are here (use Chrome or Bing Translator).

And “KOL” turns out not to be “thugs” — although they were used as such in this instance — they’re “Key Opinion Leaders.”

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First Video Of Pipo P8 Tablet


Via Youku, the first video of the Pipo P8 tablet.

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Xiaomi News: Mi 4, iHealth, A MiBike?!

Lei Jun reveals via Weibo communiqué there are now one million Mi 4 phones in the world:


In Xiaomi’s case, “shipped” is the same as “sold” for this model. All sales have been via the web.

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