Credibility-Stretching Review Of CUBE Talk9X

Cube Talk 9X review : Fully loaded tablet at an amazing price!

Here is the WTF:

The Mediatek chip offers a smoother overall experience. It even beats the Onda V989 with Allwinner’s new ARM Cortex A80T!

I don’t have a throat wide or deep enough to swallow that.

And really, comparing it to a Rockchip 3188? This is 2014, not 2012!

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8 responses to “Credibility-Stretching Review Of CUBE Talk9X

  1. Smileyguy

    You know Gizchina is not known for being unbias right? :P

  2. giouncino

    It is compared to allwinner a80 too, it is not compared with rk3288 and intel baytrail, unfortunately, but other than that seems a test well performed.

  3. Jim

    Paid review perhaps? They also mentioned that the touchscreen was useless, that you have to push the screen hard to register the touches. What rubbish. Nice battery size and life.

  4. The A80 is way faster than the 6592! I owned 6592 based smartphones and they were *JUST* fast enough to handle the full HD resolution.

    My Onda V989 is running the 2000×1500 resolution very smoothly.

    An 1,6GHz A15 is a good deal faster than an 1,7GHz A7 … let alone the perf differences of the GPUs used in both chipsets.

    This review is crap.

    • giouncino

      I don’t have any a80 tablet, but the cube talk 9x is fast and 100% stable.
      Cortex a15 is definitely faster than a cortex a7, but:
      1- here there are 8 cores
      2 – pure horsepower doen’t mean anything as apple teach us!
      3 – stability on cube talk 9x is TOTAL, I doubt that the onda 989 is 100% rock solid as cube is, this is more important than power itself!

      I don’t feel any lack of power on the cube, it has a great battery life, good design, complete stability, and good performance, all for a very low price!

      Cube lies about antutu results, but seems that many chinese brands do the same!
      Pipo says that their tablet with rk3288 are eqipped with cortex a17 at 1.8 GHz, but it is only a cortex a12 clocked at 1,6GHz (with overheating problems too!)
      Teclast tablets are young enough to not lie, but many parts are hand soldered (not good for me!!!!)
      Onda, says too many things about their products, the worst is that they made at least 3 HW revisions of their 989 (which are the differeces?), almost all onda users says that their firmwares are awful…many users that have had onda tablets sold them to go for another brand!

      • Teclast has apparently done hardware revisions of the X98 3G too.

      • Leo

        These are pretty much the reasons why I actually bought a Talk 9X in the end over the A80 offerings from Onda / Teclast etc. The firmware, build quality and battery life are just awful. Raw horsepower is not the only consideration with tablets! Cube leave the Android core alone mostly and have their boards made by Foxconn.

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