Xiaomi News: Mi 4, iHealth, A MiBike?!

Lei Jun reveals via Weibo communiqué there are now one million Mi 4 phones in the world:


In Xiaomi’s case, “shipped” is the same as “sold” for this model. All sales have been via the web.

Fifty thousand Mi 4 phones were sold in 25 seconds reveals this Weibo communiqué:



As revealed in this Weibo communiqué, not everyone can download and install software on their phone:



I know techies deride QR Codes, but here’s an instance of where they can be useful. They’re still in use in China. Now we see why!

The iHealth blood pressure monitor is unboxed and demonstrated on the Xiaomi forum [Google Translate]. In fact, there’s a QR Code on the box to download the software — but I think the guy in the above Weibo wants it on the manual inside or a sticker on the base itself.

There’s an iHealth FAQ on the Xiaomi forum too [Google Translate]. Currently it works only with certain Xiaomi Red Rice models — and no iOS or other Android devices (such as the Xiaomi MiPad).

And now a very, very weird rumor and speculation about Xiaomi. This Weibo communiqué points to a post where someone makes a case for Xiaomi getting into bicycle production!



The post is here [Google Translate].

He says that Lei Jun, an avid sports cycler, was using this expensive bicycle …


… then suddenly started using this one that lacks any branding:


He believes it’s a Xiaomi prototype bicycle. He cites as an example the way Lei Jun leaked the MiBand by wearing it in his Weibo profile photo before it was announced:


I’m not convinced. Lei Jun is rich enough that he can have a bike custom-made for himself. To make the leap that Xiaomi will get into bicycle production is a big stretch.

But Xiaomi also sells souvenirs, plush animals, T-shirts, and hoodies. So maybe?

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