Luftco L-Watch: iambillbil Appearance Evaluation


At the IMP3Net forum [Google Translate].

The Long Cool L-WATCH watch phone is priced at 399 yuan, and Taobao numerous styles of cheap watch phone mutual comparison, the most significant feature of this machine is a metal shell, exquisite workmanship, no sense of cheap plastic watches and cheap feeling.

Hmmmm… it can take a microSD card as well as a GSM SIM card. And do voice phone calling!


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5 responses to “Luftco L-Watch: iambillbil Appearance Evaluation

  1. richfinck

    That price is unreal. 399 yuan converts to 65 and change US on Wolfram Alpha.

  2. Waiting for the GBooks PDF test video.


    This Is a nice watch but to my surprise I ordered for it through panli and paid $100 since 28/12/2014 but up till now, I have not received any response in spite of my series of my mail to David as directed. Please help.

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