CUBE Talk9X Custom ROM

Cube Talk 9X custom ROM provides root, more app memory and bug fixes

This is not something I’d normally post about because I have no interest in the tablet, but there are fans of it here, so…

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4 responses to “CUBE Talk9X Custom ROM

  1. Leo

    hey nice find Mike, thanks! :)

  2. giouncino

    Mike, the new about cube is that it is switching all the line of phone/tablet to MIUI interface!

    if you take a look here:

    you can see that cube talk 7x and talk 5h have already switched on MIUI, and probably talk 9x will be the next one!

    • Are you sure that MIUI isn’t just an option? Five offered MIUI for the 3GS too but didn’t switch from their iFive Skin.

      • giouncino

        I really don’t know, I’ve seen only the new firmwares on download page, I can give you a confirmation as soon as there will be a release for my talk 9x!

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