Why I Despise Windows Beyond XP

Just what the hell is this shit?!


Windows 7 will sometimes report no pictures in the Pictures folder — when in fact there’s well over a thousand in it!

Plus, sometimes what I see in a folder is not reflected in the file picker. New images socked away in Pictures don’t show up immediately in the file picker. WTF!

This never happened with Windows XP — and I’ve got thousands and thousands of photos on that old machine.

What the hell is this shit?!!?

I’ve Googled to no avail.

Anyone know what this ongoing problem is?

Same-day update: And Steven Troughton-Smith clued me into the Libraries change in Win 7 [it dates back to Vista!]. I now have it sorted out. Let’s see how it goes. Thanks!

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One response to “Why I Despise Windows Beyond XP

  1. Windows NT 6.x has good and bad features. Do not use the bad features and your life is easier. Unless you are an extra-careful power user and know exactly what you are doing, “libraries” are a bad feature because they hide the real place of storage. Do not use libraries. Hide them in the Windows Explorer following advice for related registry hacks in the internet. This is what I do, and my life remains simple. Likewise, do not use the topic folders in C:\users\\. Instead, create your partition for application data and create folders of your choice there. Let Windows have what belongs to Windows and let be yours what is yours. Simple and peace.

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