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HP To Give Away Windows Tablet In Cereal Boxes

Well, not quite. But close.

HP joins Microsoft’s Chromebook and Android assault with $199 laptop and $99 Windows tablet

HP is launching a 7-inch HP Stream 7 tablet for just $99, and an 8-inch version for $149 in November. Both are powered by Intel chipsets, but the company isn’t revealing any additional specifications for this pair of super low-cost Windows tablets. They’re likely to be very low specification devices, but Microsoft is also throwing in a year-long subscription to Office 365 Personal with 1TB of OneDrive storage and 60 minutes of Skype calls each month. HP’s 8-inch tablet also includes 200MB of free LTE data each month with no contract for the life of the device.

No specs cited.

But I’d bet that by the time they get in the few stores that will still allow HP in, China will have superior tablets for the same damn price. I wouldn’t be surprised if the CUBE iWork 7 already matches the un-specced HP tablet, and it’s just US$65.

HP, still How Pathetic.

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TV: The Code


The Code

Two episodes — out of six — in, liking it. You can see, above, they’re doing CGI as pioneered (or at least popularized) by the BBC series, Sherlock.

It’s a bit of everything so far. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (hacking), Forbrydelsen (potentially-explosive government scandal; wind-up montage at episode end), and some other things I can’t recall at the moment. (Even the theme, which sounds a bit like the first season of American Horror Story.)

My days of doing per-episode posts are over. I inevitably fall behind in watching and get too embarrassed to catch up with posts weeks or months later (anyway, by then, who cares?).

Trailer after the break.

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Chuwi V10HD 3G Tablet Announced


It’s 10.1 inch and I’m not interested so this will be the only post.

See coverage at PadHz [Google Translate] and ZOL [Google Translate].


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Xiaomi, Please Create Something NEW

I wondered what this was:


Now I know — and Xiaomi hasn’t even announced it.

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China Nudge Nudge Wink Wink Hong Kong

Weibo communiqué:


FireChat Messaging App Gains Users During Hong Kong Protests

FireChat at the iOS App Store (web ppreview page)
FireChat at the Google Play Store

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Recommended Reading For Donald Trump


Writer Denise Mina recommended that to me years ago.

Now it’s your turn, Trump.

Previously here:

Epic Troll Makes News
EPIC Trolling

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Epic Troll Makes News



Previously here:

EPIC Trolling

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The Sickest Inversion Ever

Looking at Productivity as a State of Mind

Workers effectively hired capitalists to make them work harder. They lacked the self-control to achieve higher earnings on their own.

That’s just nuts.

Productivity is labor.

Labor is a curse.

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EPIC Trolling


Usually I don’t go for trolling. But this one is just soooo funny.

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Chikungunya Virus Rages On

New mosquito-borne virus spreads in Latin America

In El Salvador, health officials report nearly 30,000 suspected cases, up from 2,300 at the beginning of August, and hospitals are filled with people with the telltale signs of the illness, including joint pain so severe it can be hard to walk.

“The pain is unbelievable,” said Catalino Castillo, a 39-year-old seeking treatment at a San Salvador hospital. “It’s been 10 days and it won’t let up.”

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