Xiaomi, Please Create Something NEW

I wondered what this was:


Now I know — and Xiaomi hasn’t even announced it.

It’s a clone of the iQunix aluminum mousepad:


See photos at Digital Tail [Google Translate].

Xiaomi, stop copying. What are you paying all those talented people for? Just to copy?! Set them loose to create new things!


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3 responses to “Xiaomi, Please Create Something NEW

  1. They don’t care about “new things”. “New things” means wasting money in not using perfectly good designs and reinventing the wheel. They’re copying what works and selling it for a third of the price.

  2. Why not? We had Pressy for 30$. For this price Pressy is just a crap. Now we have MiKey which is even better and costs 1 dollar.
    Copying is perfect. Apple always copies and has incredible prices.
    Xiaomi also copies, but its prices are much lower.
    Now we will have a metal mousepad for a funny price and it is OK

  3. John T

    Mike is likely frustrated by these new companies with the potentially to do anything, but settle for cloning. If these companies attempted some type of innovation (they are more than capable), eventually they would hit something out of the park. i.e. flashlights…Chinese flashlights are the brightest because they took the time to make custom shells, drivers, use the best leds, etc. I believe Chinese gadget stores were the first to create high lumens 1X AAA keychain torches, from scratch. They sold TONS…

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