Surprise! Teclast X98 Air II

Yes, a second version of the Teclast X98 Air!

If you were about to order the original Teclast X98 Air, don’t. This new one uses the Intel 3736F with a peak frequency of 2.16 GHz! That should bring a measurable improvement in speed. I wouldn’t be surprised if an honest AnTuTu score breaks into the 30,000-level.

The Weibo communiqué:



The Jingdong listing:


I expected second-gen tablets to come. But this took me by surprise. It’s weeks earlier than I thought — and Teclast dropped this bombshell on the day before the big national holiday in China. Competitors must be shocked.

With this move, Teclast is trying to pull away from Onda and Ramos and establish itself as a company that doesn’t intend to sleep. They’ve become aggressive. It’s taken them just three months to upgrade the original X98 Air. This has to be some sort of record for any company.

I wouldn’t be happy if I’d just bought the first version. But this is how the technology game rolls.

Anyone who buys this should expect an X98 Air III in January. You have been warned.



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43 responses to “Surprise! Teclast X98 Air II

  1. giouncino

    the insteresting thing is to know how is the battery life of this model, because as far as I know the main intel BayTrail issue (wrt ARM architecture) is power consumption during normal use….

  2. The admin’s review from Hispatablets (the site I moderate) has this to say about the Air 3G in a review: “a 200 MB PDF was handled beautifully”. Maybe this chip might pique your curiosity.

  3. Leo

    As ever in the Chinese market the new model trumps all older version and they’re left in the bin with no support. Seems like if they don’t get the ROM perfect out of the gate then it’s going to be a dud forever as there’s not much hope of an update once the hardware moves on..

    Obviously this chip is the interesting one at the moment but I would also love to see battery life.

  4. George Turner

    well this is the same CPU that is used in Teclast X98 Air 3g. It was a mess to have the “3G” version use better chip than the non “3G” version. They confuse everybody

  5. so can we basicly say that this X98 Air II and X98 Air 3G are going to be using the same CPU?

  6. Your link to the shop is unfortunaly just in chinese and i didn’t find a shop to purchase the new Teclast x98 II :-( can you give some advice where to order?

  7. So the only difference between this and the x98 air 3g is the 3g?

  8. Petr

    I have problem with Google Play Store on tablet X98 Air II (HG5N),
    Android 4.4.2, IFWI 5.6.5, Kernel 3.10.2, Build v1.02_20140922.
    Error message: Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped.

  9. Johny

    What is the difference?
    on Air 2 is it possible to flash win 8.1?

    • De Cocker Christian

      It is possible but you must be a super user whit a rooted tablet, then wirusses enter in youre tablet so it’s not recomended.

  10. 3J

    “Teclast adheres to innovation. It is the founder of Consumer Digital Electronics Engineering Technology R&D center which manages the entire R&D process of consumer digital products from project establishment to new product introduction. The powerful research and development strength of Teclast R&D sector enables it to release a brand new product on average 1.5 month and maintain the leading position all along in consumer digital electronics market.”

  11. Holl

    Petr, I have the same Google play issue. Even an update to latest play version does not work for me (downloaded APK). Did you found a solution?

  12. db

    Hi, I got the same problem. Brand new X98 Air ii, android market does not work.

  13. Abdi

    I have the same problems with Google play store on the x98 air ii. I used apk downloader to install apps. But some apps I wanted like evernote need the latest version of Google play services. I Managed to update Google play services using the taidian app, that comes preloaded. Most apps seem to work fine. Unfortunately YouTube simply won’t work and crashes like the playstore with the same error message.

  14. Emm

    Others are also reporting that they can’t use the Google Play store. ): I’m also having that problem.

  15. db

    it look like no one at China use the google market and no one test it before releasing it. I also wondering why they don’t create a rom update just in English as an international version instead of the Chinese one that no one can read, I try to log into their newsgroup system to suggest this, but was not able to register. Such a pita to translate all those message and all those programs in the tablet. and all those programs that make no sense outside china.

  16. kevin

    Exactly same problem here, none of Google apps nor apps that need Google services is working properly… Hope this can be fixed soon

  17. Frank Ho

    Air II (no sim) not as good as Air 3g (upgraded to Z3736F)

  18. Patrick

    Hi All,

    Installed Amazon App store and was able to get a lot of the apps I want. Abdi,Evernote is there!

  19. Holl

    Frontier provided a solution:×1536-t2913035/page43

    It works on my tablet, updated firmaware 4.4.4

  20. jon

    yes, follow the xda post above but it takes a few steps, so need patience but I can confirm play store working beautifully!

  21. OneOreTwo

    Geekbuying staff has contacted the factory and they found a decision, too. You can read more here in Geekbuying blog

  22. Thiago Meyer

    I bought the Teclast X98 Air II (HG6M). I already solve the (ridiculous) google play bug, but the tablet hangs up everytime i try to play a 3d game (i tried shadowgun, GTA Vice City, Wild Blood). 30 seconds after the lauch of one o f these games, the tablet freezes.

    Curiously, NFS Most Wanted runs fine!

    I think that´s a temperature isssue. My tablet reaches 60-65 celsius degrees running games. That´s maybe a software fault since a lot of users had similar isssues. Will teclast roll out a update?? I hope so!!

    • I was just at XDA and read some posts about someone else having that problem. Someone suggested opening the tablet to check the thermal attachment near the SoC. Sometimes it’s not seated properly and the CPU heats up very quickly causing it to hang on games. If opening it up doesn’t appeal to you, see about exchanging it for being defective. It’s clearly a manufacturing problem.

      • Liew

        I Also have a teclast x98 Air II ( HG6M ) With the problem when playing 3D Game Will Freeze Screen!! Got Any Solution To Fix it?? Mind to Help??=(

      • You might be hitting the thermal limit of the CPU. Heavy games cause the Atom CPU to sometimes shut down due to heat.

  23. Telcast just posted an update to resolve the Google Play Store issue. Now it is working normally.

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  25. Erminio

    This tablet looks nice but its real crap and freezes alurl the time. Update doesnt work. Rom sucks big time. Do yourself a favor and buy brandname. Iam reall disappointed.

  26. Hello, do you know where to find the bios for version HG9N?

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