Using Steve Jobs In Vain


What Chinese tablet company dared to use the image of Steve Jobs to excoriate competitor companies?

Can you guess before reading further?

The Weibo communiqué:



Jobs would not approve of the stupid iFive Skin. He wouldn’t approve of an all-metal back that kills WiFi. He wouldn’t release products with half-baked ROMs that have users up in arms, kill future sales, and take too damn long to push out a fix. And despite his admiration for both Polaroid and Sony, he never posted photos of Land or Morita on his site to compare himself to them.

This is strictly amateur night.

Don’t talk about excellence. Just shut up and create it.

Users are the only ones who get to say if your products are excellent. Not you.


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One response to “Using Steve Jobs In Vain

  1. Ilya T.

    I like the part about “no brain to copying someone else’s product” more.

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