Xiaomi Windows Phone?

iLevon seems to wonder out loud and test customer reaction in a Weibo communiqué:


Bing Translator does a better job here:


It wouldn’t be out of the question for Xiaomi to do a Windows Phone … erm, phone.

I don’t know why people think Xiaomi must stick only with Android. It’s not their OS. And MIUI is a modification of Android, not a complete OS by Xiaomi.

This would be less shocking than when Palm announced it would do a Windows Mobile Treo.

Lei Jun has to realize that money is money. And who knows, maybe in that “secret” meeting between him and Nadella, subsidies were discussed and assistance in selling it in America via the Microsoft website was also offered.

What do I think would be a hint of such an alliance? If Xiaomi announced Windows Phone software for the MiBand.

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