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“Landed. Killed Germans. Fucked Off.”

Kill without mercy, party like there’s no tomorrow: Churchill’s secret band of fearless warriors broke hearts, rules — and the Nazis’ spirit

In Italy in 1945, one regular officer told Lassen that he and his wild bunch were a disgrace. What, he thundered, would the enemy think of them, if they were found not just dead, but unshaven? It is certainly true he was no respecter of bureaucratic authority. After every raid, he and other key commanders were supposed to file an operational report. But he detested all such paperwork and his reports famously consisted of no more than five words: ‘Landed. Killed Germans. F***ed off.’

Now there’s a book I want to read.

But as seems to be usual for book publishing, it’s out of print and also not available as an eBook.

Thanks to @kinseyholley for the tip



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Now I Don’t Trust The CDC At All

October 5:

October 30:


October 31:

New CDC confusion over Ebola as it deletes warning that virus can spread through coughs and sneezes from its website

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Nexus 9: Two New Videos


The first one compares the Nexus 9 to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4.

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Xiaomi’s Lei Jun Gives A Talk

Lei Jun gave a talk at a business summit. The Weibo hashtag page (use Chrome to translate).

Years ago he was inspired by the book Fire in the Valley (which I read way back then too, and recommend):


And he has a rather shocking ambition for Xiaomi.

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Nexus 9 Gets A Second Unboxing

First look: Google Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Nexus Player (unboxing)


I haven’t had a chance to test the new Nexus 9 extensively, but I’m already trying to figure out if I can justify spending $399 on a tablet for reading comic books. I’ve been using my Nexus 7 with Marvel Unlimited and other digital comic apps for a while, but the screen’s really a little too small. Comics look amazing on the Nexus 9’s larger display.

See the video at the above link.

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Xiaomi’s “KK99” Is A Large Power Bank



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Chippy Does A Video Of His “1/16” Windows Tablet


See it after the break.

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Three Videos: Teclast X98 3G Air


I posted one of his prior videos, in which he compared it to the Onda V975w.

It turns out he got rid of the Onda. It had poor battery life compared to the Teclast.

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ZTE Zmax Gets A Review


ZTE ZMAX (Z970) Review – When did mid-range phones get so good?

I’ve been waiting for his review. It has a video too (after the break). Damn, this phone sounds great!

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Reader Alert: Hit “Older Posts”

This blog’s template sticks ten posts at a time on the front.

Today is yet another one of those days when I’ve done more than ten posts in a day.

So to see everything, when getting to the bottom of the scroll hit the “Older posts” link.

The first post published today was: Nexus 9 Gets Unboxed


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