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Kickstarter: Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm


Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm – Filmed in Ultramarionation

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Tyrant Gold iPad

Sina Tech News sums up my reaction in its Weibo communiqué emoticon:


Ill. Or better English: Sickening.

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Are Wearables Safe For Pregnant Women?

The guy from Xiaomi A Xiaomi fan who is often forthright — sometimes controversial — raises an interesting and serious question via Weibo communiqué:


You read it here first. Expect this issue to blow up next year with the Apple Watch.

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Another Weibo War: Huawei Vs. Xiaomi

I wasn’t going to blog this because the Weibos were confusing. But Gamersky made it into an article.

And it’s all about chip resin [Google Translate]!

The current practice in phone manufacturing is to glue the CPU — and some other components — to the circuit board. This prevents them from coming loose due to a fall, or bending, or thermal expansion/contraction.

Apple does it with the iPhone. Huawei does it.

Xiaomi — at least with its new Mi 4 phone — does not. And they’re not alone.

But now accusations of Xiaomi being a low-class manufacturer have been flung around.

Stop it.

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National Day In China

Weibo is having problems, so I can’t check it.

Some other sites are having problems too.

I doubt there’s any news out of China today due to the big holiday, but check back hours from now.

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