FNAC In France: It’s Like Time Travel!

Martin Lopez sent me several photos from a trip in France where he visited a FNAC store in Paris.

It’s like going back in time to when New York City had the Virgin MegaStore! Except no American store ever looked this classy.

Images at the size they were sent; click to enlarge.


“3 floors full of people”










Thanks, Martin!


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9 responses to “FNAC In France: It’s Like Time Travel!

  1. Sorry Mike, but I cannot understand what is the big difference with the chain stores in the States. I thought, all of them are almost identical in the goods’ placement and decoration. Maybe, the outside view has a little better architecture.

  2. Ric Day

    Also, most of the American stores (and Canadian) have staff on or very near minimum wage who are then offered incentives to push one or another product, which doubles the awfulness of the shopping experience.

  3. Martín

    I remember the virgin store in nyc , is where the Barnes is now correct? This place is the same concept almost identical.. It feels different like for example best buy.. It like you go to your own music room.You also have books and coffee shop inside The outside is a gallery with several business one of the is the fnac with 3 floors..

  4. Had I known, I’d have sent you pictures years ago! We have a FNAC in Lausanne too. It’s been interesting watch the departments change over the years. The CD section is mostly gone, replaced by DVDs. They’ve added an Apple area, where everything is presented in the same spacious way they do it in the Apple store.They also added a department for designer kitchen gadgets and appliances. That one is a bit odd.

  5. Eric

    Speaking of change I live in a regional town in Australia and an electronics retailer here has started stocking Vinyl records. 180gm Audiophile quality stamped across classic album art. Ruining the art with ugly advertising.

    It is bad enough the rise of CD killed all the lovely artworks we used to get.
    Perhaps that could be a differentiator for digital downloads. Large format images and booklets to print for yourself.

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