Thunderbirds Are Go: The Tracy Boys


I say, left-to-right, Virgil, Scott, Alan, Gordon, John.

Errmmmmm … Enthusiasm Level diminishing.

Interview with Giles Ridge: Thunderbirds Are Go… Again!

The music is also very much a modern take on the wonderful work done by Barry Grey. He created these epic, brassy, filmic soundtracks, and of course the theme tune is really quite military, a reflection of Gerry Anderson’s time in the R.A.F. (the British Royal Air Force). Our version has a slightly more syncopated rhythm, but it’s still that amazing, dramatic piece of music.

Enthusiasm Level plummeting.

First of all, you knob, it’s Barry Gray. Have the respect to get his name right.

Second of all, you don’t mess with the best.

Thunderbirds Are Go! producer Giles Ridge offers insights into new show

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2 responses to “Thunderbirds Are Go: The Tracy Boys

  1. Martín

    O no!!!! Another new captain scarlet ?

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