Voyo A1 Mini Windows 8.1 Tablet Gets A Review

At RetroAndroid:

Windows 8.1 Tablet Review – A1 Mini Voyo [Google Translate; see original for all YouTube videos].

Also there, in English: Voyo A1 Mini – Performance test – HDMI test – intel bay trail z3537d

This is an eight-inch “2/32” tablet with an Intel Z3735D. He hooks it up to a large screen monitor and throws a bunch of stuff at it at once. Video after the break.

His review conclusion is interesting:


If you’ve read this far and you will kinda findings will be good :)

I think the perfect combination is Android smartphone and tablet Windows, with that you have covered all your needs, for me Android is unbeatable in smartphones with the entire ecosystem that has google back and windows is unbeatable productivity with office and over if you can install any PC implementation of the millions that exist as there is no rival.

With a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and HDMI output to a TV or coenctarlo [connected?] monitor, you can use it as a computer at home and it will stick.

I am delighted with the tablet, with the behavior of windows and all I can do.

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