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ZTE Zmax: Size Comparison

I stumbled upon a T-Mobile store in my city mission today. So I went in to see if they had the ZTE Zmax — and BAM!


I ran AnTuTu 5.1: score of 18,048.

I also did the only Google Books PDF I had time to pull off: The People of the Abyss.

I’ll post those videos and some more photos tomorrow.

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ZTE Announces US$250 5.7-Inch Phone



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Who’s Watching The Watchers Watching Us?

A really disturbing Weibo communiqué from Kingsoft:


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Still A Holiday In China

No news. But there’s this … via Sina Tech Weibo:



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Know Future

Boring Future, Volume 1

Congress hatches six new political parties in 2024. Nothing happens, because political parties are seen as branding exercises for corporations, not political agents for change.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

We don’t need more than two to see that’s true.

“Republican” and “Democrat” are just two different brand names for the same political party: The Ruling Party.

As for the rest of what he’s written: We get the future we don’t fight for.


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The iPhone 6 Plus: It Begins

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InB4 The Idiots Who Get PAID To Write This Shit


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