The iPhone 6 Plus: It Begins

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InB4 The Idiots Who Get PAID To Write This Shit


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3 responses to “The iPhone 6 Plus: It Begins

  1. Hey, it’s not him, it’s his brother-in-law! It must make for a nice thanksgiving when you’re ready to put your inlaws under fire like this :D

  2. Eric

    I am hoping the 6+ will remove my iPad mini. I would like a 13″ iPad to keep at home though. I think the life cycle for iPhones and iPads are different, the iPad can easily have a 3 year life. I owned a first gen iPad and the first gen iPad mini. I probably don’t need a new iPad but find even on the 10″ I tested it can be hard to read PDFs sometimes.

  3. Eric

    My theory about the lifecycele of the iPad is bolstered by something I remember from an Apple quarterly report.

    I remember them saying in response to a question that iPads were not cannibalising laptop sales but were cannibalising iMac sales. Data showed people were buying iPads for parents and grandparents instead of an iMac for iMessage, Facetime, Facebook and email.

    As this is all some people need as a computer it is not surprising the lifecycle approaches that of a computer it replaces.

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